Tales from amateur mixology & gardening.

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, I’ve started doing two things I never thought I would - making fancy drinks and growing a garden. Before this pandemic, I would have argued I was incapable of keeping plants alive - I’ve killed air plants before; and I’ve declared I would only enjoy drinks with an umbrella and a piece of fruit. While I do still love a sweet cocktail, I’m making whiskey drinks and sometimes adding herbs from my own garden! 

Thanks to peer pressure and a desire to test the Mailchimp platform, here I am building a website and publishing a newsletter about it!

If that interests you, sign up for the newsletter and hear my tales of successes and failures and get a “mater” rating on drinks I’m mixing up.

A scofflaw - a red drink in a small stemmed glass.

Fancy drinks like a Scofflaw

These are the types of drinks I will be writing about. I’ll be sharing the drinks I make each week and discussing what went well, what went terribly, and give each a rating.

I also intend to crowd-source opinions on what to make next, so you’ll get to do some voting if that’s your thing. Should I make an old fashioned? Try something with a new fancy spirit? I love recommendations!

I’ve kept plants alive!

I’ve mostly grown herbs, and started most of them with starter plants. However, along the way I’ve learned a good bit - I’ve saved some that were dying, grown new plants from branches, harvested and eaten veggies, and more!

I’m definitely in super amateur stage with the garden and am very excited to share and learn more.

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